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The MESA COUNTY FML DISTRICT serves a mission to enhance positive social and economic impact in Mesa County from the development, processing and energy conversion of fuels and minerals leased under the Federal “Mineral Lands Leasing Act” through strategic grants, partnerships and leadership.

Grant Awards History

Since the establishment of the Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District in 2011, Mesa County public entities have received over $10 million dollars. Here is the full history of the grant awards broken down by community and organization.

Overview of Giving


Approximately 71% of the land within Mesa County is publically owned and rich with natural gas, coal, and other mineral deposits. Historically, the federal government has awarded mineral leases on these lands to ensure the natural resources are produced responsibly. Nearly 100 years ago, the U.S. Congress passed the Mineral Lands Leasing Act, which among other things, recognized that mineral leasing activities on federal lands had a local impact. Congress, therefore, determined impacted local communities were entitled to a share of the royalties generated by these leasing activities.

Federal mineral lease payments are distributed first to the State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), who in turn, distributes payments to the counties, municipalities, and federal mineral lease districts within the State impacted by federal mineral leasing activity.

The Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District (“the FML District”) was established on June 20, 2011 by the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners through Resolution MCM 2011-050.  The FML District is an independent public body politic and corporate formed pursuant to the Colorado Federal Mineral Lease District Act, C.R.S., § 30-20-1301 et seq, (2011) and as amended by Colorado SB 12-31.

The FML District Board proposed to distribute, on an annual basis, all of the funding that the FML District receives from DOLA to areas within the district’s service area that are socially and economically impacted by the development, processing or energy conversion of fuels and minerals leased under the Federal “Mineral Lands Leasing Act” of February 25, 1920, as amended, and all applicable state laws.

The FML District is authorized by statute to distribute funds and provide services to communities impacted by the development of natural resources on federal lands within Mesa County. The FML District cannot levy or collect taxes and does not have the power of eminent domain.

Federal law limits how lease payments distributed to the Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District can be used. The distribution may only be used by the state, or its political subdivisions, for (1) planning, (2) construction and maintenance of public facilities, or (3) provision of public services. See 30 U.S.C. §191.

Today, the FML District accomplishes its mission through an annual grant cycle, depending on fund availability.  See the Current Grant Cycle page for details.

What is a Federal Mineral Lease District?

Get to Know Colorado’s Federal Mineral Lease Districts Webinar

Mesa County FML Board of Directors
Quintin Shear
Term January 16, 2024 – January 16, 2027

Mesa County Commissioner Bobbie Daniel
Term 2023, 2024

Craig Springer
Term January 15, 2023 – January 15, 2025

Former Board Members

Commissioner Janet Rowland

Commissioner John Justman

David Ludlam

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