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The Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District (MCFMLD) has two grant programs, a traditional grant and a mini grant. The instructions for the grants are contained in one grant application form and they share common deadlines. A new application form is developed for each grant cycle, with changes occasionally made between cycles. Always use the current grant application.

To determine if this program is a fit for your project or to decide which grant program is right for your needs, visit our Current Funding Cycle page.

MCFMLD Grant Applications

The Fall 2024 Grant cycle will open August 1, 2024. 

To assist with your preparations for the current cycle, application documents are provided through the links below. Please download and carefully read the application instructions before working on the application itself.

  • MCFMLD Fall 2024 Instructions for Grant Application (in .pdf format)
  • MCFMLD Fall 2024 Grant Application (in .docx format)
  • MCFMLD Fall 2024 Budget Form (in .xls format)
  • MCFMLD Fall 2024 Timeline Sample (in .xls format)

Helpful Tips

Regardless of the type of MCFMLD grant you seek, our grant process is competitive. The most successful projects incorporate strong community partnerships and meet a clear need and demand. Here are a few tips that will support the success of your application:

  • Email staff prior to beginning work on your grant application if you would like to discuss the project’s eligibility, budget and timeline. Also feel free to contact us at any point during the completion of your application. We are always willing and happy to assist you.
  • Thoroughly review the eligibility information contained in each application to ensure your project meets all requirements.
  • Carefully review the instructions and application prior to starting on it.

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