Reporting Forms

To assist with the disbursement of funds to successful awardees, the following forms are provided:

Advance Payment Requests
Please note that Advance Payment is available only for those grants funding construction and maintenance of public facilities. Advance Payment will be the lesser of (1) 50% of the grant amount, and (2) MCFMLD’s percentage of expected overall costs (as determined by the MCFMLD-approved budget) applied to the value of the initial expenses.

MCFMLD Advance Payment Report Form

Progress Reports
A Progress Payment shall not exceed Grantor’s percentage of expected overall costs, as determined by the Grantor-approved budget, applied to the value of documented eligible expenses or 50% of the Grant, whichever is less.

MCFMLD Progress Report Form – TRADITIONAL

MCFMLD Progress Report Form – MINI

MCFMLD Progress Report Expense Worksheet

Final Reports
Please submit final reports electronically through email to or mail to
Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District
PO BOX 3039
Grand Junction, CO 81502.

Reimbursement of the grant will be made upon project completion and submission of the following items:
1) A description and evaluation of the scope of work completed and the project components implemented;
2) Actual Project Budget;
3) Final Report Expense Worksheet, signed by finance department or accounting person;
4) Copies of invoices/receipts for all cash expenditures over $1000, as itemized on Final Report Expense Worksheet;
5) Statements detailing the value of donated services/materials/equipment (if applicable);
6) Documents or plans produced through this project; and
7) Photos (digital and print) of project, before and after completion.


MCFMLD Final Report Form – MINI

MCFMLD Final Report Expense Worksheet

The grant funds distributed by the MCFMLD are subject to the following requirements and conditions:

a.    The grant funds and all matching funds shall be used only for (1) planning, (2) construction and maintenance of public facilities, or (3) provision of public services and consistent with Grantee’s representations in the Grant Agreement. Determinations on eligible and ineligible costs are in Grantor’s sole discretion.

b.    Disbursement of Grant funds shall be made on the basis of costs actually incurred by Grantee and supported by written documentation (receipts, bills, etc.).  Grantor may, in its discretion, depending on the nature of the Project, require documentation of mechanics lien waivers or waivers of claims to public project performance bonds as a precondition to any disbursement under this Agreement.

c.    Except as otherwise agreed to in advance by Grantor in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, no material modifications may be made to the Project. Material modifications to the Project to which Grantor has not agreed may result in a reduction in the Grant. “Material modifications” may include, but are not necessarily limited to, a reduction in the total cost of the Project or any other variance from the Project as presented in the Grant Application. It is the sole responsibility of Grantee to inform Grantor of any such modifications to the Project. Grantor strongly encourages Grantee to contact Grantor in writing when it becomes aware of or wishes to make any such modifications, however seemingly minor, to the Project.

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